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Pick-up Services


Free Pick-up for many regions of NY,NJ,PA,VA,MD,DE,OH & IN. . If you have 100 lbs or more of any the scrap categories listed on our Buying Price Sheet we will pick up at your location. Call to schedule pick-up.


Computer Systems

Thrifty Bits charges a maximum $35 pick-up fee (on top of the per-item recycling fees) if you would like us to come to your office or home to pick-up your recyclable electronic items. If you have 10 or more billable items* the pick-up fee will be waived and you will only pay the recycling fees. If you have less than 10 items, the pick-up fee is calculated at $10 for every item less than 10, to a maximum of $35.

# ItemsPick-up Fee
1-6 items$35
7 items$30
8 items$20
9 items$10
10 itemsNo Pick-Up Fee

Please call us to set-up a pick-up appointment.

* A billable item is any item that has a specific recycling fee; miscellaneous items charged at the per-pound rate do not qualify as individual items.

For more information or to request a pick-up, please contact us at or you may call us at (215) 499-3137.

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